therapy myths debunked

There are many common myths about therapy that can keep people from enjoying the many benefits therapy has to offer. Here are five common ones, debunked:

Therapy Isn’t for Me

From small towns to cities like Ottawa, therapy provides a perspective on life that assists people from all walks of life. Therapy allows you to better understand your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Therapy is not only for mental illness. It has a far reaching purpose and allows people to become more resilient and self-aware so that they could deal with specific concerns affecting their lives.

I have friends who I can talk to

There is no doubt friends can be very helpful to lend an ear and offer support. However, it is very difficult for friends to offer unbiased opinions. In many cases they might even offer advice that is not in your best interest. Therapy provides a safe and supportive environment where a completely objective person will listen to you without judgment and work with you to help you overcome your challenges.

Therapy Doesn’t Work

Unfortunately this is a view shared by many. Therapy can be healing but only when participants are ready and open to participate in the process. You can forge a strong bond with a therapist who can provide support and guidance allowing you to learn to cope with difficulties, strengthen relationships and help you overcome issues such as fears, problematic beliefs or behaviours.

It Will Make Matters Worse

Some people fear that therapy will open deep wounds or bring back repressed memories that will only make matters worse. You may face some emotional challenges in therapy. Approaching feelings or thoughts you have been trying to avoid may be painful, while changing your beliefs or behaviours can be scary. However, therapists are trained in dealing with issues of all levels of complexity and will work with you at a pace that suits you. You can take baby steps to heal from past experiences or focus on living now. Your therapist will help you find what therapeutic approach will address your specific issues.

It is easy to debunk these common myths by focusing on a positive impact therapy may have on your future.