Stress Series: The Benefits of Stress

Stress has negative connotations, and rightly so. When you are overstressed, it feels like there is an extra weight on your mind and body. Even daily life activities like eating and sleeping are affected by stress.

At the same time, stress in small doses has some benefits. After all, stress is our body’s natural reaction to danger. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisone put your body and mind into hyper-alert mode so you can think and move quickly. We all want to reduce stress, but consider these reasons why it’s not desirable to eliminate our body’s natural stress response:

Stress Motivates You to Work

When things are always going slow and easy, it can be hard to motivate yourself to move. Imagine a world without deadlines and due dates – do you really expect anyone to hustle and get things done? Stress can make it easier for you to manage your time and make the most of your resources, especially if your deadline is fast approaching. This is why it’s okay to feel a little stressed out when you start to feel those responsibilities gaining up on you. It is this feeling that will drive you to meet deadlines and encourage you to make the most of the resources you have.

Stress Causes You to Think

Stress is usually associated with problems and issues, and it’s the presence of stress that will allow you to think of solutions for the predicaments you face. If you don’t feel stressed by the problems you’re hurdling, you might not feel the need to come up with real, effective, and speedy answers. The result is that individuals will slack off and set aside the solution creation process for a more convenient time. With stress, your brain is pressured to think and this will make it possible to resolve issues sooner rather than later.

Stress Can Strengthen Your Mind

Many of the health issues we face today are more often than not brought about by stress. But if you can expose your system to small doses of stress, you might be able to strengthen its defences against health problems. Stress in small doses will allow your body to become stronger and your mind to improve its resilience, making you less likely to give in to the adverse effects of stress.

If stress has crossed from beneficial to detrimental in your life, it may be helpful to talk with a therapist to identify stressors and learn new techniques to alleviate stress.