Counselling Services in Ottawa

I offer individual therapy and counselling sessions, at my private Ottawa office, tailored to help adult clients aged 18 and older close the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be in the future.

Experience in therapeutic work helping clients:

Intensive Therapy

Intended for when you are in crisis or at a low point in life. You may experience intense emotional pain, internal or external conflicts, and concerns about self concept and self care. One or two sessions per week.

The focus is on helping you:

  • get out of crisis
  • change self-destructive behaviours
  • calm or shift emotions
  • find solutions
  • establish a stronger sense of self

Working Through

Intended for when you are no longer in crisis and are instead ready to explore the issues underlying current problems. This is a chance to make solid gains and achieve therapy goals. One session per week.

The focus is on helping you:

  • stay out of crisis
  • change maladaptive behaviours
  • learn to appropriately feel and express emotions
  • set and maintain boundaries
  • improve relational skills
  • explore issues below the surface
  • consolidate gains

Personal Growth and Moderate Support

Intended for when you are seeking supportive therapy to help you maintain good functioning and develop feelings of confidence, competence, independence and freedom.One session every week or every other week.

The focus is on helping you:

  • develop a life vision
  • discover greater meaning and/or expand goals
  • find spiritual direction and/or adopt a calming, meditative practice
  • enhance self care and show better care to others
  • sustain previous gains in personal development
  • improve quality of life

Personal development is rarely linear. Some back-and-forth movement in our growth is normal. Sometimes, you may feel you need one type of therapy, and sometimes another.

I work with all of my clients in a collaborative way to help them find the best combination of services to reach their goals.

Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray Therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool. Using a small tray of dry sand, clients create scenes with miniature representations of real or imaginary objects in order to explore, gain awareness of, and better understand many aspects of their internal world.

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OHIP does not reimburse counselling fees, but my services are supervised by Registered Clinical Psychologists, so you may be eligible for partial coverage under your extended health insurance plan. Contact your insurance company to determine the extent of your coverage.

I would be honoured to accompany you on the journey toward healing and balance in all aspects of your life.

Confidential Line: 613-302-1573

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