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Whenever you are faced with a challenge or presented with an opportunity, you have two default options: to say yes, or to say no. No is a defensive action that can shield you from failure, but it can also prevent you from achieving what’s possible. In contrast, saying yes keeps you open to all sorts of amazing potential. Here are some tips to help you start saying yes more often:

Saying Yes to Something You Don’t Like
It’s easy to say yes to things you like – a raise, a hug, a bowl of ice cream. You probably feel some internal resistance and hesitation at the thought of saying yes to something you don’t like. Whether it’s taking out the garbage, going out on a limb with a new job, or hanging out at a party full of strangers, the easier option is to say no and stay comfortable. You don’t have to like it, you just have to say yes to it. Peace comes when we stop emotionally resisting things that we dislike.

Say Yes to What Arises in the Mind
Thoughts run through our heads all day long, and they aren’t always pleasant. If you feel pain, sorrow, anger, or uncertainty, saying no only delays the inevitable. Instead, say yes. Say yes to every feeling, sensation, emotion, thought, and memory that arises in your mind. Acknowledge these feelings as real and valid. Say yes to your beautiful memories and pleasurable emotions, but also say yes to your anger, your sadness, your regret.

Say Yes to All Parts of Yourself
Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you could change some of your physical characteristics? Or tried to suppress a part of your personality? When you do things like this, you are effectively saying no to parts of yourself, and denying your ability to be whole. Instead, say yes. Say yes and release yourself from self-judgement and self-criticism. With the support of your Ottawa therapist, you can transform your perception.

Say Yes to Your Needs
Your needs are biological instincts that should act as a roadmap for stability and personal fulfillment, but it’s all too easy to say no and deny them. We make excuses – not enough time, not enough money, not enough motivation. Say no to the excuses and yes to fulfilling your needs.

Once you start saying yes, pay attention to how it feels. Observe the sensation of the word as you express it through your mouth and lungs. Focus on how it feels throughout your body, not just the word but the meaning behind it. Say yes when you would have said no, and say yes when you would have been indifferent or indecisive.

Open yourself to the beauty and potential within yourself and in the world by saying yes.