savouring moments

From a very young age people are encouraged to grow their horizons by joining activities such as boy scouts and after school sports. From there life only gets busier with school work, babysitting, part-time jobs, relationships and post-secondary education. Throughout our lifetime we rarely slow down to take moments for ourselves, and we forget what a gift it is to be where we are today. We also seem to forget that everything happens in the present moment. All of our life experiences are happening here and now.  Therefore it makes perfect sense to notice, to pay close attention, to give some space to what is unfolding in the present moment. This is savouring. It is about learning to live presently, to fully enjoy what each moment has to offer.. Here are some ways you can slow down and savour life’s unique moments:

Enjoy the Present
From running errands to accomplishing work tasks and planning weekend events, our minds are constantly focused on the future. We quickly fill up our day planners with doctors’ appointments, lunch meetings and other activities, but never take the time to truly enjoy them. For example, when you’re at your doctor’s office next time try to notice the people around you, and maybe strike up a conversation. There is a chance you’ll get intrigued by what they have to say. Or when you’re having lunch with a friend stop checking your email, and truly listen to them. You may be amazed how much you can learn, and how refreshing it feels not to have your mind elsewhere. Indeed, there are enjoyable aspects to any activity if we learn to slow down and pay close attention.

Checking your phone regularly for emails, updates, and notifications may be the new normal, but it is certainly problematic. Doing this may seem relaxing at the time, but it is actually an addictive behaviour that can quickly spiral out of control. Unless you absolutely need to check your phone try instead turning it off, or putting it on silent and leaving it in a drawer or in your bag. Pay attention and appreciate what is actually happening in front of you in that moment, immerse yourself in it, and notice how you can let the thoughts of everything else go away.

Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive. ~Thich Nhat Hanh