Respecting Others, Ourselves and Our Surroundings Through Travel

It is common knowledge that travel is healthy for the soul, but what about the mind? The very act of changing surrounding environments can deliver tremendous mental wellness gains in a variety of ways. From boosting consciousness to enhancing moods and more, travel enables you to interact with the surrounding world. In addition, exploring the world is akin to fueling the mind with further enrichment. Today, let’s further examine the primary influences travel has on our mental health, touching on emotions, cognitive stability and more.

Expanding Consciousness

If you’re born and raised in one area and hardly leave it, it is inevitable that you become accustomed to life in the bubble, so to speak. As we travel, we expose our perceptions to new surroundings. From unique ways of life to cultural traditions, culinary flavours, languages, mannerisms and more, the rest of the world is very different. The more you expose your mind to new atmospheres and sensory details, the more capable you are of adapting to an ever-changing world and enjoying new experiences. This process can make it easier to adjust to life changes in your “normal” existence back home, encouraging greater emotional stability and overall improved optimism. Combined, these two critical elements can prevent your mind from straying into negative territory when the unexpected happens..from sudden relocations to coping with the loss of a loved one.

Connectivity with Others

Sadly, racism and discrimination are commonplace across much of the world,  but take a look at where it is the most prevalent: Southern states of the USA with their specific way of life and ideology, third-world countries facing hardship while Western society prospers, and “walled garden” countries such as North Korea where outside contact is actively monitored, controlled to shape a specific view, or even forbidden. Everything from deep-rooted propaganda to personal experiences of those in harsher living conditions influences each of our unique views on the world. However, this world works differently in every place you visit, and travelling enables for the opportunity to connect with others holding different views closer to their hearts. This can lead to greater understanding, sympathy, patience, and open-mindedness – something that’s best to collectively embrace today more than ever. The more you travel, the more your attitude towards others will mature. It is an act that can effectively cleanse a “bias” of sorts and open your eyes.

Learning to Respect Our Surroundings

Cities are great, grey commercialized hubs that often don’t represent what the real world we inhabit is like; in a way, it’s all a façade designed to keep us comfortable and deliver convenience. Environmental consciousness is integral to protecting our fragile and ever-changing planet from climate change, disasters and other issues. The more we develop an awareness of the world outside our home cities and soak up the atmosphere of natural environments, the better. Travel encourages greater respect for our natural surroundings and trains our minds to take note of how we treat our planet, rather than just how we treat our latest purchases or social media presence. Again, the “stepping outside the bubble” mentality applies here as well.

Shaping a State of Wonder and Quietude

The more we expose ourselves to other lands, cultures and people, the firmer our grasp on self-contentment becomes. By understanding what makes us fortunate and learning to appreciate more what exists in our lives, we can reach a sene of deeper gratitude and become more at ease. Travel is therefore highly therapeutic in this regard, influencing our attitudes and helping to understand what matters most and what ought to not trigger stress. In a Western society where we get overwhelmed and work ourselves up so easily, this state of calm is of paramount importance. The same applies to a state of wonder, influenced by absorbing unique experiences, observing beauty, altering and expanding our perceptions. The scope we live in every day is often extremely limited due to factors such as our employment, home life, where we live and what responsibilities we have. A deeper state of wonder can allow us to look at the world differently and appreciate our place in it.. This can lead to a motivation to do more and will those dreams into reality.

While travel isn’t a cure-all, it certainly has its benefits. Broaden your horizons and reshape your perspective not only on the world around you but on your own sense of self. To learn more or seek guidance on how to break free of the bubble, reach out to a therapist with experience in the benefits of travel on the mind. Make that next great leap forward by contacting us today.