open yourself to beauty

When you open yourself to beauty in the world, in other people, and in your own heart, you acknowledge the interconnectedness between yourself and all things on this planet. Being open to beauty allows you to find joy, experience the moment, and appreciate balance and harmony with life. Opening yourself to beauty teaches you to connect with the world and your inner emotional core simultaneously. Give yourself the gift of being open to beauty in the following ways:

Beauty Outside
In our modern lives, we have a tendency to flit about and not even notice the natural and man-made beauty of the world around us. We are so preoccupied with what we are doing and where we are going that it can be a struggle to appreciate our present surroundings. To open yourself to beauty take a few moments every day to truly observe your present environment from the smallest detail of the ordinary things to the entirety of the world around you. Pause and focus on any object, from the vibrant bloom of a flower or a blade of grass to the billowing clouds above. Use all of your senses to observe and absorb the moment and acknowledge the beauty in the world around us. Allow yourself to appreciate your ability to experience beauty in all its manifestations.

In Other People
We are all part of the multifaceted human experience and each bring our own unique contributions and experience of beauty to this world. Sometimes we let petty judgments, criticisms, and self-consciousness interfere with seeing this beauty. Let go of prejudices and past experiences and open yourself to the beauty in others.. Recognize and understand the beauty in noble sacrifices, difficult choices, unique values, desires, contributions, and perceptions of the people around you. You will open yourself up to the beauty that was there all along.

In Your Own Heart
Above all, it is important to be open to the beauty in your own heart. Self-appreciation and self-worth are building blocks. When they are securely in place, being open to beauty in nature and other people becomes much easier. Observe yourself without judgment and allow yourself to witness your strengths, your passions, your values, and the beauty in your heart. Shift your vantage point to view yourself through sympathetic eyes. Practice self-compassion and offer yourself kindness, warmth, and support. Speak with your Ottawa therapist if you like more guidance on this matter. Everything positive in life flows out of honouring yourself by recognizing your own inner beauty.

Transform your life by opening yourself to beauty in nature, in other people, and in your own heart.