meditation for beginners

Meditation provides many benefits for the body, mind and soul. It creates a calming effect which eases stress and anxiety. Meditation can also give people a different perspective on difficult and trying situations, as well as increase self-awareness and reduce negativity overall. To start meditating follow the steps below:

Getting Started
Before you begin meditating there are few things you may do first to ensure your meditation is peaceful, relaxing and positive. Start preparing by finding a quiet, comfortable location where you can relax. You may decorate the area with objects that have positive meaning in your life, as this will help you feel more open and comfortable. Once you have a good location the next step is to find a relaxed and comfortable position. Although many assume that meditation is meant to be done while seated with legs crossed and hands folded, it is actually up to you to find a position you can relax in. This can include sitting comfortably in a chair or lying down in bed.

Basic Meditation Techniques
There are several meditation techniques you can follow, however it may take a while to find out which best works for you. The simplest form of meditation is done by relaxing the body and focusing on breathing by slowing inhaling and exhaling. To perform this meditation technique sit or lay down in a relaxed position and start inhaling and exhaling slowly several times. Then allow your breathing to return to normal. Focus on the breaths, and imagine your body visually receiving oxygen. Follow this technique for as long as you see needed, whether it is for 10, 15, or 30 minutes. Come back to your breath whenever the thoughts try to take over.

Mantra meditation is also an extremely popular form of meditation for both beginners and seasoned professionals. To get started you need to come up with a word or a phrase that has a positive meaning in your life and silently repeat it over and over. By doing this you will soon focus on the single word and nothing else. This gives your mind a mental break from your life circumstances and surroundings.

By simply taking several minutes a day to meditate you can grow into a happier and more positive person by becoming more self-aware. Meditation provides you the opportunity to focus, to expand your horizons and experience and discover new things about yourself. Take the opportunity to relax and grow!