Make Milestones Happen with Realistic 2020 Resolutions!

Perhaps you have been struggling to make sense of your career path as of late, feeling adrift and as if your work isn’t making a meaningful impact. Or, what if you spent much of 2019 doubting yourself? With not only a new year but a new decade now in full swing, it might be difficult for you to “put on a happy face” and hop on the New Year’s resolutions bandwagon. What is it going to take to feel great about yourself, empowered, and motivated to do incredible things?

There is no secret formula. All it takes is willpower, determination, and an innate ability to silence the voices of the world around us. After all, you are the only one who knows yourself so well, so you should be calling the shots! With that said, here are some ways to empower yourself and make 2020 the turning point for your self-confidence and mental wellness.

The Basics of Setting Realistic Expectations

If you recently lost a spouse, try not to push yourself back into the dating game if you are not ready, as the necessary length of the grieving process varies from person to person. Should you have only graduated from college, avoid the expectation that you will find that dream job right away, ensuring you do not feel discouraged or overwhelmed from the get-go.

Notice any similarities between these two examples? Both involve setting realistic expectations rather than pushing oneself too far, too quickly – an extremely common side-effect due to the lofty ambitions of many come New Year’s resolution time. With a whopping 99 percent of such resolutions never coming to fruition, there is every reason to think that you might not succeed. However, always remember that success is entirely possible if you apply yourself and do not bite off more than you can chew. Working with an experienced therapist can help you identify your current mental state and accurately determine how many steps forward to take at a time.

Celebrating Milestones

Let’s say that you are making considerable progress towards your goal in the new year. Whether that Keto diet is helping you lose that stubborn weight or you managed to make some serious headway on saving for that Caribbean cruise with the family, be sure to set milestones along the way and celebrate when those small victories towards the end-goal are reached. For instance, have you saved a third of your vacation fund? Do not hesitate to feel great about such accomplishments. Plus, it can be highly motivating to treat yourself and celebrate with others who share in your enthusiasm – perhaps the rest of your vacation group, in this instance.

The same principle applies to when celebrating mental health milestones such as progress made on filtering out negative thoughts or finding newfound sources of joy. Avoid letting chances to savour these special moments slip you by if you can help it!

Being Honest with Yourself

Should you happen to struggle with making progress on fulfilling any of your resolutions, the worst thing you can do is throttle back on your determination. Always be honest with yourself: Is the goal you are trying to attain something meaningful? Will it bring your mindset to a more positive and optimistic place? Is it going to open the doors to opportunities that you have longed for? 

If you can state with confidence to yourself that your resolution is worth the effort, do your best to fill your mind with encouraging thoughts; think about how those savings will be useful in the long run, how effective that diet is going to be in helping you make the most of every day, and so on. Even the most “insignificant” resolutions can serve as mood boosts and sources of self-motivation if you tackle them by trusting in yourself.

Why Stop There?

Let’s say that you managed to fulfill a resolution after several milestones along the way. First of all, congratulations! Again, take the time to celebrate with loved ones and friends, as reaching the goal with renewed self-confidence and self-assurance can be just as beneficial to your mental health as the journey in getting there. Next, consider whether you want to go even further. As an example, perhaps that goal of losing 50 pounds could be taken further to help you feel even better about your appearance. Plus, everything we do to feel better about ourselves on the outside can improve how we feel about ourselves on the inside. If you feel that there is nothing holding you back from taking your resolutions to new highs, then go for it and don’t give up!

If you need further assistance in realistically setting and making progress on your resolutions, know that you don’t have to face the challenge alone. Contact us today to get in touch with a friendly, encouraging, and supportive therapist in an environment conducive to the progress of the self. We look forward to celebrating your future milestones with you!