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Transitions and changes are a part of everyday life, whether they are planned or unexpected. Quitting your job to start a new career, moving to a new city, or becoming a parent for the first time are all big changes in life, and having strong feelings of anxiety, stress, panic, and excitement are all normal. Although coping with these transitions may be difficult in the beginning, overtime things will become easier. It is always best to remember that although transition begins with something ending it allows you to move on to new and exciting moments.

Here are some tips to help you ease into the big transitions in your life:

Think of the Outcome
As going through the process of a transition can be extremely overwhelming it is best to think of the overall outcome rather than of the things that need to happen to get there. For example, when moving to a new city you may focus less on the stress of finding a new place to live, and think of how amazing the entire experience would be.

Time to Grow
It is important to remember that a transition will help you grow as a person. You may face difficult challenges that you’ve never had to deal with before, but they will test and challenge you, teach you new things, and provide you with tools that you will more than likely use once again. Use this time of growth as an opportunity to reflect on yourself and on what you want out of this transition.  This will help keep you grounded and remind you that the transition is ultimately for the better.

Think Back to Previous Transitions
If you’re nervous about making a new transition try thinking back to a previous successful change that you have already gone through. For example, going from high school to post-secondary is a big step in life, and although you were probably nervous and a bit scared, you more than likely ended up benefiting from it. To make new transitions easier try to remember how you coped back then. Perhaps it was taking everything one day at a time, or taking an hour to yourself every day to relax and reflect on the changes. When you’re having a difficult time remember to speak to your support system. They may shed a different light on things and would happy to listen.

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