how individual counselling can strengthen your relationship

At some point in their lives many people start to find their relationships difficult and will unknowingly repeat behaviours that seem to sabotage their ability to be happy. Although it is common for couples to seek relationship counselling, many people do not realize that the individual counselling can often be quite effective in assisting a relationship in trouble.

The Benefits of Individual Counselling
Often we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our relationships. If you think you have trouble with relationships be they romantic, family or business, individual counselling can help you examine your problematic interacting patterns in order to help you heal your “family-of-origin wounds.” All of us have wounds that result from the beliefs passed onto us by our families or authority figures in our lives. Some of these beliefs are barely noticeable, whereas others can have a huge impact on your ability to interact with others. This is why it is important to seek individual counselling by Ottawa therapists who can help you learn more about your own feelings and life experiences that might be holding you back from opening up and connecting with others.

Problematic Interactions
When you find yourself repeating an unwanted behaviour it is often a result of not understanding your own problematic interactions with others. You may not have the most effective coping skills which can negatively affect the way you relate with others. This type of behaviour was learned in your childhood through your interactions with your parents and other family members who played key roles in your early life. These influences are very powerful and it can be quite difficult to come to terms with a learned behaviour that does not benefit you any longer.

Individual counselling would help identify your responses to pain. Common reactions such as blaming others for your pain, becoming clingy or withdrawn, attacking or surrendering are the types of a learned problematic behaviour that can be explored and addressed through individual counselling.

By healing wounds and learning to act on their values instead of tripping over wound-influenced emotional reactions and behaviours, people can eventually overcome the relationship difficulties that hold them back.

Individual counselling by Ottawa therapists is a good place to start.