the importance of grief counselling

Death or the loss of a loved one can have a devastating impact on your life. If you have lost a loved one and feel like your pain will never go away, there is a very good chance you may benefit from grief counselling. Grief naturally takes you through several steps, each one allowing your emotions to slowly come to terms with your loss. Grief counselling can aid in making the process less painful so you can gradually move on with your life.

The Five Stages of Grieving

Grief counselling can help you navigate your way through the five stages of grieving so you can better understand that it is okay to let go of the past and move on with your life. The five steps of grieving are:

This is a sense of disbelief you may feel following the loss of a loved one. It is a very common feeling when someone is taken from your life unexpectedly. Denial can cause a very severe reaction that leaves you numb and unable to accept what has happened. Grief counselling can help you acknowledge the loss so that you could begin the healing process.

Once you accept the reality of the loss it is not uncommon to feel powerful anger. You may blame yourself or others for what has happened and begin to lash out. Grief counselling can help you regulate your anger by going deeper and exploring the layers of sadness, fear and hurt.

Many people go through an unrealistic bargaining stage where they try to “undo” what has happened. You may offer yourself in place of your loved one to help you feel a sense of hope the person may come back.

When you become depressed due to the loss of a loved one, grief counselling is key in helping you enjoy life once again. When coping with daily life feels overwhelming, or when you choose indifference and start avoiding others, counselling could be in order. With the help of grief counselling overtime things will become easier and life will start to feel good again.

Grief counselling will help you reach the stage where you fully accept what has happened. Although sadness will stay with you it may not be all encompassing and each day could become easier.

Apart from the loss of a loved one we grieve events in other areas of our lives:
we grieve our childhood hurt and losses, we mourn betrayals, abuse and abandonment; the end of relationships or any other pain and loss. We also grieve for what we never had.

Grief counselling sees mourning as a psychospiritual process and as a profound and natural healing practice. It is not about returning to a pre-loss sense of self and reality. Grief counselling becomes an opportunity for transformation, profound shifts in ourselves that can ripple out to the word.