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Many of us today view grief as something to get over with quickly and promptly replace with something better. We do not allow ourselves to experience a sense of profound grief or longing; we cut off our grieving before it is complete, or we may silence ourselves when others are battering us to “get back to normal.”

However, there is no such thing as “normal” — only what feels right for each of us individually. Therefore, when faced with grief, it is essential to consider that each of us handles grief itself in a unique way; there is no strict “schedule” of when to return to the land of the living mentally, especially if the loss is more significant.

Although grief is a universal response to death and loss, it needs to be acknowledged on many levels in various areas of our lives. Grief counselling allows the clients to mourn and let go of the past without blame, guilt, shame, fear, anger, resentment, or despair. We grieve our childhood hurt and losses, sudden deaths or parents who mistreated us. We mourn betrayals, abuse and abandonment; the end of relationships or any other pain and losses we may experience in the course of life.

We also grieve for what we never had. Dreams are precious things that drive us to do more in life in hopes of attaining them, but sometimes we can hold onto them for so long with little progress that we may develop feelings of remorse or guilt. Whether a career change, a trip to a bucket-list destination or finding someone special, the onset of material and goal-focused grief is a genuine and challenging thing to deal with.

One particular aspect of grief that can be difficult to manage is our sense of acceptance. This can encompass recognition of the loss itself and the absence of the person or moment we’ve cherished. It can also represent our own self-acceptance that we need to keep moving forward despite the grief’s tendency to bring us to a standstill. With acceptance, we can grow, live life more fully, be more than we ever have been.

Grief counselling sees mourning as a psycho-spiritual process and as a profound and natural healing practice. It is not about returning to a pre-loss sense of self and reality, but rather as a means of coping and moving forward as best as possible. By going deeper into your grief, exploring the layers of sadness, fear and shame to the core of hurt, grief counselling becomes an opportunity for transformation, profound shifts in ourselves that can ripple out to the world.

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