Facing Serious Illness or Mortality

Believe it or not, facing serious illness or mortality does not have to be unbearable. Of course, being diagnosed with a life-changing or terminal illness can be emotionally and physically debilitating, affecting each and every person you love. But, for those who like to think as the glass being “half full,” going through a difficult experience like this can actually bring about many opportunities to introduce spirituality into your life. There are so many people all over the world who choose to tap into the spiritual part of themselves when they are facing a hard time, as a coping mechanism or therapeutic expression. Below is an essential list of some ways in which you can incorporate spirituality into your life while facing serious illness or mortality.

Stop Asking Questions

After all – how can you know anything in life for sure? Rather than asking yourself repeatedly (and mentally torturing yourself in the process) why things happen the way they do, accept your situation, no matter how difficult it may be. Saying “yes” to the reality of your situation empowers you to face the accompanying emotions and work through them. Saying “yes” is a great way to welcome wonder and curiosity into one’s life, and accept that we can’t always know the answer to everything. We can’t control everything, but we can control our responses to what happens around us..

Welcome Everything

Rather than pushing away difficult situations and cramming them into the back of your mind, hoping you’ll never have to dig them back out, welcome and embrace the changes that come into your life, no matter how bad they may be. Situations like serious illness and mortality can very often bring about overwhelming feelings of despair, fear, and even envy of those who are fit and healthy. Do not feel ashamed or guilty of these feelings, as they are completely normal and understandable. But, it is so important to welcome changes and new situations into your life, rather than living in denial.

Give Love

Tell your significant other or family members how much you love them. After all, it is impossible for spirituality to exist without love. Many people deeply believe that giving love abundantly will result in love being returned to you, in the greatest of measures. So, use this difficult and uncertain time to show your love… even if you’ve never really been the type of person to do so. In order to have a more spiritual outlook on life, it is essential to feel love.

You may also find it helpful to share your concerns with an Ottawa therapist.