Dreaming Big Dreams and Willing Them into Reality

What do you aspire to achieve in life? Financial success? A healthy, happy family? The opportunity to travel and see what the rest of the world is like? Or, perhaps all of the above appeal to you and merely getting there has been a challenge. Dreaming is healthy for the mind as it encourages the self-expression and stimulation needed to function correctly, but it is essential that the world around you does not convince you to stop. In addition, our own thoughts and emotions can cleverly convince us into throttling back when chasing our aspirations, whether out of fear or desensitization. Today, we will discuss the process of empowering ourselves to turn our dreams into reality.

Embracing Your Desires

There should never be a point in your life when you feel a need to suppress your desires. If you are made to feel by others that they are too lofty to obtain, remember to put that commentary far into the background and bring your own perceptions into the spotlight.

Drowning out the noise of the world around you can go a very long way in maintaining optimism and focus. In that sense, zeroing in on your desires and embracing them can serve as a mental “push” of sorts, motivating you not only to do more to get there but also make more out of life along the way. By removing the bias of the world around you from your big plans, they could become more easily attainable through sheer willpower. The outcome will be all the more rewarding as something manifested by your own determination.

Going Beyond “Being Realistic”

While it is highly beneficial to ground oneself and maintain a structured way of living, striving to do daring things is an exception — the term “live a little” may come to mind here. Without dreams to hang on and aspire to, everyday life can become stagnant as a result of a monotonous day-to-day existence. Everyone deserves the best in life, so do not limit and hurt yourself by dismissing your dreams as unrealistic.

Avoiding Desensitization and Toxicity

Pause for a moment and think about a friend or loved one who merely coasts along. They work an eight-hour shift, buy only from a big-box store, head home, and effectively vegetate in on the couch before going to bed rather early. They interact with the same people, have the same conversations, and eat the same meals. Alternatively, perhaps they are always in debt over the same things and incapable of recognizing the pattern. Now, imagine if individuals such as this never deviate from this established way of life, trapped in a never-ending case of Deja-Vu.

This is massively toxic on the mind, enhancing a dramatic fear of change or other emotional reactions to a different lifestyle. It represents merely existing and nothing more; there is little to no “nutrition” for the mind to enable stimulation. Brain usage can actually decline, and the onset of dangers such as dementia or limited thought processes in old age is all but inevitable. There are many individuals out there who suffer from this way of life, oblivious through mental stagnation as to why they are unhappy and living a plateaued existence. It can be difficult for them to become re-motivated and chase their dreams.

Try not let yourself become desensitized in this way, not when you have so much potential. Make it a point to try new things, visit new places, try new foods, and meet new people. Keep your mind ever-stimulated so the gears can keep turning by planning weekly outings and partaking in activities and other ventures. The benefits of doing so are quite remarkable.

Striking a Balance

Of course, nothing exceeds like excess. The most beneficial approach to your mind and wellness is to remain balanced, especially if you have lived a lifestyle that hardly deviates from established daily rituals as it could be a shock to your system. Emotions are delicate and can present themselves in unexpected ways, especially if you suddenly begin chasing dreams by giving it your 110 percent. Take small but practical steps forward instead, making it a point to build towards the ideal outcome.

As an example, perhaps you want to develop a writing hobby into work as a full-time novelist. This cannot happen overnight, so quitting your current job to crank out a hastily-written manuscript that is never taken seriously is not the way to go unless you want to destroy your ambitious mindset. Tackle the dream one day at a time, such as with developing skills through volunteer work, freelancing, and writing short fiction. It could take several years and even a career change, but before long you may have the skills and wisdom necessary to will your dream into reality.

The same principle applies to any other dreams you want to make come true. Balance is critical.

It is a new year and time for a new you. Now is the chance to make room for your dreams at long last. With a balanced and optimistic approach free of bias, making friends with your ambitions will be easier and more rewarding than ever before.

It is never too late to innovate upon yourself. If you are struggling with reaching your goals in life or even establishing them, reach out to us today for assistance from a patient and friendly therapist. We would be happy to help.