Counselling Helps Heal Emotional Wounds

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By Dr. Aly And Faiza Abdulla

Pedro, a 50-year old business executive, came to see me after he discovered that his wife was spending extra time with a business colleague. In fact, he followed her to a restaurant where, through binoculars, he saw her laughing and apparently flirting. He felt betrayed, humiliated and enraged; he was in extreme pain, tormented by conflicting emotions.

On one hand, he felt the marriage was spiralling away as they failed to conceive children and he was always working on another continent. On the other hand he had known and loved her since their university days. He could not imagine ever loving or being loved again or regaining trust in his partner. Perhaps ending it all was the best solution.

In family medicine, these personal challenges are quite common. We live in a world that is fast-paced. Our skill sets for communication, sharing our thoughts and feelings, and establishing a good safe environment to discuss our prejudices, guilt and worst fears is sometimes underdeveloped.

Pedro said he wanted to be brought back to life. He needed to talk and sort out his feelings about what had happened and what he could do to approach this in a rational way.

I recommended he see Elizabeth Kwasniewski, a local counselor. Counselling, provided by trained and certified professionals, can really be helpful in resolving people’s immediate problems as well as some core issues.

Usually people seek therapy when they are in crisis. They are at a low point in life, struggling with overwhelming challenges, self-destructive behaviours and poor self- image. At this stage, counselling can help people handle the crisis and survive internal and external conflicts.


After the immediate challenges are attended to, counselling can offer much more. It can help people advance a process of personal development by working through the underlying issues that contribute to current problems. It can become part of strategy of wellness by helping people improve, transform or enrich their quality of life.

Under Elizabeth’s guidance, he explored his ambivalence toward rebuilding his relationship or leaving it. He felt responsible for his wife having to seek another’s company and at the same time angered at her having more fun without him.

After some time and hard work Pedro was able to heal his wounds and to transform his damaged past into a hopeful future. In the process he looked at his specific ways of relating to others, his formative experiences, wounds that affected his choice of partners, and other issues that shaped his emotional makeup.

Finally he was able to invite his partner back into his life and they began rebuilding their relationship.

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