Being Genuine and Authentic Life’s Biggest Mental Challenge

Lately, we have been examining different ways to be better to ourselves. However, it is also essential to focus on how we present ourselves to others in order to prevent a vicious cycle of assumptions and misconceptions. Ironically, this involves blocking out the noise of the world and focusing within. Otherwise, emotions can run high, and there may be tension. That said, what is the best way to have a healthy mind as well as healthy relationships?

Simply put, be yourself, and nobody else. It doesn’t seem hard but the process of implementing that appears to be such a challenge to so many people.  

Fear of Vulnerability

Almost everyone around you is wearing a mask, and that is okay. Many of them have been hurt before, experienced a traumatic past, have troubles at home, or just have a hard time trusting other people given the sting of their past experiences. These are the side effects of life itself and not everyone is going to want to open up. Therefore, many of us struggle to trust others with seeing who we really are. Will we be disliked for it, losing out on potential career growth, respect or acceptance for simply thinking or being different? Or will being honest backfire in another way?

Our World is Simply Noise

It is normal to feel apprehensive about opening up since it can feel like exposing our vulnerability, especially in this day and age when it feels like you are under more pressure than ever before from the world around you. That said, remaining true to yourself is more important than what anyone else thinks of you. Always strive to be genuine and thoroughly yourself. Let the world come up with its own perceptions and misconceptions and just shrug them off. Move on if you need to move on, and always strive for a place in life where you can be authentic and where others appreciate you for it.

Focusing Within

Your day-to-day job and busywork are just stepping stones on this journey through life, and the people you meet, for better or for worse, are merely the faces in the mist you will pass along the way. Do not let the everyday trouble you. Instead, let what lies ahead beyond that mist inspire you. Simply put, everything is temporary including your own self. Cherish and let it flourish now.

If there are ways to improve your personality and demeanour without sacrificing being authentic, then consider them unbiased ways of bettering yourself. All the noise around you is completely irrelevant in that sense. Focus internally on growing from within and looking out at the world around you, rather than letting it invade and alter any perceptions you have of yourself. Many introverted individuals can be wildly misunderstood because this is what they are trying to achieve — a sense of self and contentment, free of bias. Many of us have found a way to be ourselves and let the world around us worry on. This is important to achieve when we live in a world of reactions, trends and invasiveness, and the goal is not to conform, but to contribute what makes you unique.

The Many Benefits of Being Yourself

Have you ever noticed how individuals who are genuine and authentic are more respected, especially by those who have a hard time opening up themselves? This is inspiration hard at work, and many of us do not know how to apply it to our own minds. In other words, the world is looking for authenticity to gravitate towards.

Being yourself has many benefits, especially once you look past risks such as those who will try to take advantage of it or will not respect it. Leaving them in the dust behind you and looking forward, you can expect to make friends with some wonderful people, enjoy new adventures, and feel more fulfilled while doing so. In a sense, this is what so many of us have a hard time achieving — taking those big, brave steps forward associated with being ourselves.

Once you begin this process, you will be happier, more at peace with yourself, and even more susceptible to opportunities to grow. Additionally, you may find that a spouse, loved ones, or friends will approach you with advice or ask for help more often.

You’ll feel more wholesome if you remain genuine, even if not everyone benefits from it in a positive manner. You do not need to make friends with the whole world even if others demand it, but you will benefit from remaining respectful and kind to yourself and others. It will help you grow and live more fully.

If you need assistance with accepting your inner self and bringing out your unique potential, contact us today for guidance from an Ottawa-area therapist. We understand how difficult this process can be and are happy to help.