attitude of gratitude

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of life? Do you stress over the little things and feel frustration on a daily basis? If you’re ready for a change, consider adopting an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful, which means paying attention to good things moving your way, allows you to live in a positive emotional state. When you are appreciative and thankful for all the gifts coming to you, especially the little ones of everyday life, you may lean towards the opportunities around you and feel supported by life.

See the Good
If you are stuck in traffic during your morning commute, the automatic reaction is to feel frustrated or blame those around you for your predicament. Notice this reaction, and choose something different – a response, a shift of your perspective. You have a job, a car, your health, and many other incredible things in your life that you may not appreciate in that exact moment. When you adopt an attitude of gratitude and see the good in everything around you, your whole perspective can be transformed. Gift yourself with positive emotions by seeing the good.

Gratitude Journal
In our hectic daily lives, it can be difficult to take the time to practice gratitude. Days or even weeks can go by before we deliberately pause to appreciate all the good around us. If you want to make a conscious effort to develop an attitude of gratitude, you may find it helpful to keep a gratitude journal. At the end of the evening, write down five different things for which you are grateful. These may be material things or possessions, but try to focus on inner gratitude, thankfulness for your relationships with others, the gifts of love from other people, the gifts of nature and appreciation for ephemeral things. If you ever feel your attitude of gratitude start to slip, just flip through the pages and remember that you are thankful for so many things in life.

Your can hone your attitude of gratitude through meditation. Through the practice of meditation you can find the focus and clarity to realize the great many things you have in life. Observe your breath and clear your mind. With kindness and self-compassion, ask yourself what you have taken in from the world and those around you, and what you have given back. This way, not only can you be grateful for what you have received from others, but grateful for what you have been able to give.

When it comes to developing an attitude of gratitude, practice helps. With a conscious effort and focus and the support of your Ottawa therapist, you can live a grateful life.