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People Pleasing

We all go through moments in life where we try to make someone else happy. Whether it be towards a spouse, an in-law, or a colleague, everyone has done more than their fair share of “people pleasing” in their life. Sometimes this can be an acceptable practice, like conceding to ...

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Values-Based Living

Do you live your life based on your own values, or based on a perception of how things “should” be done? When you have a decision to make, no matter how big or small, do you evaluate the impact it will have on your life and how it fits within ...

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Pain x Resistance = Suffering

The Buddha’s central teaching has succinctly been summarized by American mediation teacher Shinzen Young in the mathematical formula “pain times resistance = suffering.” When we resist pain, it leads to suffering proportionate to our resistance. When we don’t respond with resistance there is no suffering. How is this possible? According ...

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Being vs. Doing

In today’s world, there is a fixation on what we “do.” When approached at a social gathering, the first you’re ever asked is “what do you do for a living?” Your child walks in the door, and you ask her “what did you do today?” Yet as human beings, life ...

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Saying Yes

Whenever you are faced with a challenge or presented with an opportunity, you have two default options: to say yes, or to say no. No is a defensive action that can shield you from failure, but it can also prevent you from achieving what’s possible. In contrast, saying yes keeps ...

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Open to Beauty

When you open yourself to beauty in the world, in other people, and in your own heart, you acknowledge the interconnectedness between yourself and all things on this planet. Being open to beauty allows you to find joy, experience the moment, and appreciate balance and harmony with life. Opening yourself ...

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Overcoming Approval Seeking

It is a natural human desire to seek connection and approval from our fellow humans. When we receive approval from our peers, family members, and mentors, it can be validating and elicit many positive emotions. However, relying on external approval (external source of validation) can mean you are putting your ...

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Cultivating Positive Emotions

For many people, it can be difficult to overcome negativity and focus on developing positive emotions. Anger, frustration, and anxiety often reign when we experience stress or encounter problematic situations. Positive emotions like joy, gratitude, serenity, hope, and love, on the other hand, can create a sense of well-being, purpose ...

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Compassion is an incredibly important human trait that bonds us across all divisions. When it comes to other people, most of us find it natural to notice and identity suffering. We feel emotionally moved and drawn to help that individual, and often act to alleviate their suffering in any small ...

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Radical Acceptance

Have you ever been given tragic news and responded “I can’t believe it?” Been handed frustrating circumstances and wonder how “unfair” life can be? Often, to shield ourselves from confronting pain and moving forward into a positive future, we react to painful moments with denial, disbelief, suppression, and emotional procrastination. ...

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Savouring the Moment

From a very young age people are encouraged to grow their horizons by joining activities such as boy scouts and after school sports. From there life only gets busier with school work, babysitting, part-time jobs, relationships and post-secondary education. Throughout our lifetime we rarely slow down to take moments for ...

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A Kinder Voice of an Inner Ally

The saying “you are your own worst critic” could not be more true, as many people have a tendency to be quite hard on themselves. Being your own worst critic can take a toll on your mental health as with time your pathological critic continues to grow stronger and could ...

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Individual Counselling and Relationships

At some point in their lives many people start to find their relationships difficult and will unknowingly repeat behaviours that seem to sabotage their ability to be happy. Although it is common for couples to seek relationship counselling, many people do not realize that the individual counselling can often be ...

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How To Improve Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can make it difficult to pursue career goals, make friends or have long lasting relationships. Here are some suggestions to help you rebuild your self-esteem: Undergo Self Esteem Counselling Self-esteem counselling is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take to improve your self-esteem. In counselling you ...

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