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Emotion Series: Anger

Anger, like other emotions, acts as a form of behavioural regulation, built into the neural architecture of humans over evolutionary time. Essentially, anger is an emotional response that produces a surge of energy and motivation within the minds of humans when specific situations or events demand such behaviour to be ...

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People Pleasing

We all go through moments in life where we try to make someone else happy. Whether it be towards a spouse, an in-law, or a colleague, everyone has done more than their fair share of “people pleasing” in their life. Sometimes this can be an acceptable practice, like conceding to ...

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A Moment of Stillness

In The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life, Martha Beck writes that “doing nothing is the most productive activity you will ever undertake.” When we speak of stillness, this is exactly what we mean. Doing nothing. Not meditation, or prayer, or brainstorming, or problem-solving, only stillness. The ...

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Just Say “No”

Boundaries are limits that separate actions, words, emotions, and sensations that we consider safe, appropriate, appreciated, and welcome, from things we do not consider acceptable. Boundaries can be physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual. Everyone has different boundaries and only you can define your personal limits. Boundaries are often established through ...

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Giving and Receiving

Although giving and receiving is undoubtedly a hugely important part of life, it becomes even more significant at Christmas time. Christmas is a time of togetherness, and the giving and receiving of love and gifts with our family and friends. Gift of Attention – Spend Time With Your Loved Ones ...

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Listen – Really Listen

The funny thing about the concept of “listening” is that people assume it’s so easy because it comes naturally. Believe it or not, it doesn’t. Some people seem like “natural born” listeners, while for others it takes an effort and a mindful approach to become an engaged listener. Listening to ...

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Find Pleasure in Life

It doesn’t have to be January 1st to make big changes in your life. If you resolve to start leading a more whole and fulfilling life, your Ottawa therapist can help. Here are some different activities you can do to find more pleasure in life: Senses Humans have five well ...

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Being vs. Doing

In today’s world, there is a fixation on what we “do.” When approached at a social gathering, the first you’re ever asked is “what do you do for a living?” Your child walks in the door, and you ask her “what did you do today?” Yet as human beings, life ...

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Saying Yes

Whenever you are faced with a challenge or presented with an opportunity, you have two default options: to say yes, or to say no. No is a defensive action that can shield you from failure, but it can also prevent you from achieving what’s possible. In contrast, saying yes keeps ...

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 The Power of a Smile

Smiling is a simple act that comes instinctively when we see something nice, beautiful, or funny. A smile is a gesture of happiness and appreciation. A smile is only a series of contractions in our facial muscles, yet becomes associated with everything good in the world. Read on to find ...

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Open to Beauty

When you open yourself to beauty in the world, in other people, and in your own heart, you acknowledge the interconnectedness between yourself and all things on this planet. Being open to beauty allows you to find joy, experience the moment, and appreciate balance and harmony with life. Opening yourself ...

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Radical Acceptance

Have you ever been given tragic news and responded “I can’t believe it?” Been handed frustrating circumstances and wonder how “unfair” life can be? Often, to shield ourselves from confronting pain and moving forward into a positive future, we react to painful moments with denial, disbelief, suppression, and emotional procrastination. ...

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Individual Counselling and Relationships

At some point in their lives many people start to find their relationships difficult and will unknowingly repeat behaviours that seem to sabotage their ability to be happy. Although it is common for couples to seek relationship counselling, many people do not realize that the individual counselling can often be ...

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